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Bulldog Media TV Solutions

Welcome to Bulldog Media, IPTV and PLEX solutions. We can offer a TV streaming solution that will run on Firestick TV, Android box, Android tablets or phone. Our system is a tried and tested app that offers the best live TV, box sets and movies all for a low yearly price.

Also included is a support system that makes sure that you are never stuck for a solution and that we keep on catering for all your entertainment needs! Additional to this we offer access to our PLEX server which will keep you entertained with every film you could think of. We have a yearly plan or a pin activated access.


IPTV Service

Our reliable IPTV service features the best live TV, Series and Video on Demand you can find. Together with a support network that will never leave you without a solution.

PLEX Service

We have a reliable, comprehensive PLEX server full of everything you would want to watch.


App Installation Instructions


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